Friday, March 13, 2015


"Friday the 13th Part III" (1982)
Directed by Steve Miner

   Jason Vorhees may be a hockey mask wearing murderer who lives in a shack in the woods with his dead mother's head, but he is NOT a rapist. I am going to defend my favorite slasher's good name...well, good name in the rape accusation department.
   In "Friday the 13th Part III", Chris Higgins tells the tale of her encounter with Jason that she survived, one night. In this story, she gets dragged by Jason into the woods and then she blacks out. When she returns to conciseness, he's gone. Why did he let her live? There is a popular theory among fans that he let her live, because when he had her in his clutches, he raped her.
   I do not think that Jason raped Chris. There is enough evidence in the "Friday the 13th" franchise to support my theory that Jason is not a rapist. We can only guess what happened while Chris blacked out and why Jason decided not to kill her.

Here are the facts:
   Throughout the "Friday the 13th" films, Jason has been seen killing women many times. Many of these women have been nude at the moment of death. He has had lots of opportunities to get his freak on. Jason has never been shown raping any of these women. We have never been shown a scene to suggest that Jason might rape someone or even have that thought cross his mind.
   If Jason (or anyone for that matter) had raped Chris that night, wouldn't she have woken up nude? If Jason raped her, I don't picture him carefully undressing her and then ever so carefully putting her back into her clothes.
   Also, she survived that night. Being that Jason has super strength, I would imagine that if Jason raped her, it would kill her. Like her clothes not being messed with, I would think that this man is so incapable of being gentle, that his force with her during the rape would kill or at least damage her.
   Isn't the whole point of Jason's never ending rampage is that he was supposed to have drowned while the camp counselors that were supposed to be watching him, were making love, so sex in this film franchise is a crime, punishable by death?
   Finally, why would Chris be the ONLY woman in the history of the franchise that Jason would rape? I have a simple explanation of what I think happened the night that Chris blacked out:
   Jason was going to kill Chris. Chris was so scared, that she passed out. When Chris passed out, her eyes closed and her body went limp. As far as Jason is concerned, this is the same thing that happens to people after he kills them. The moment she became dead weight, Jason thought he must have killed her in the struggle.
   I'm not sure exactly how much intelligence Jason possesses, but I do think that for lack of a better description, the man is dumb. This is how I think things went down in Jason's head, during this moment...

Jason's thoughts:
Me kill girl. Me kill girl...
Girl...stop moving?
Girl...dead. Girl dead!
Me killed girl!
Me go home now to hang out with Mom's head.
There ya' go. Mystery solved.
Stop accusing Jason of rape. He's not a rapist.
Murderer? Yes. Simpleton? Yes. Rapist? No. I don't think that Jason is sexual.
Although, I'm not ruling out that if he MUST satisfy his manly urges, he makes love to the occasional tree.

(Artwork by Isaac Keith Martinez)


Brandon Early said...

I always thought this little aside that seemed to imply Jason may be a rapist was about the creepiest thing in the whole franchise. You've nailed the reason why. It seems completely out of character for Jason, and it raises more questions than it answers if there's any validity to that inference. I wonder - since movie novelizations often expand on dangling plot threads - if there was a FT13 III novelization that made more of the implication?

Isaac's Haunted Beard said...

There is a novelization of the film. I have never read it. I don't know how they handle the possibility of Jason being a rapist. I did learn that the author did take a peculiar liberty with Jason, by making him laugh in the book.